Create an Asset Pool

With the webhook destination created, you can now create your Asset Pool. An Asset Pool is a collection of funds from different currencies and networks all grouped together, which means that all actions can be focussed at the pool level without having to handle multiple addresses and key pairs to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. You can create as many as you need to handle your different funds, but in this example we will just create the one.

In this page of the guide, we will be using the Create asset pool API. This is a POST request that will create a new asset pool that will be used to hold all crypto addresses generated for this pool.

Request Breakdown

The details to be sent in this request are detailed below:

nameThe name of the asset pool.
referenceA unique reference for the asset pool.

Example Request

Here is how an example request might look:

curl --location --globoff '{{sandboxUrl}}/digital/v1/asset-pools' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJhbG...QQ73OA' \
--data '{
    "name": "Asset Pool One",
    "reference": "AssetPoolOne"

Example Response

Upon successfully submitting the request, you'll receive a response like the following:

    "id": "2be1cc9c-a5af-47e2-9dba-b7b82317e600",
    "name": "Asset Pool One",
    "reference": "AssetPoolOne",
    "tenantId": "235b8540-202a-41ab-9c9b-fc74b292d9c1"

The resulting fields in the response are:

idThe unique identifier of the asset pool, as entered in the request.
nameThe name of the asset pool, as entered in the request.
referenceA unique reference for the asset pool.
tenantIdYour unique identifier of the tenant.

At this stage, the asset pool only displays the above four options, as there are no addresses added to it yet, that will be covered in the next step. As addresses of different currencies are added, the currency and totals will appear on the relevant Asset Pools.

the id given in the response will be used to link all addresses to this newly created asset pool.