Welcome to Layer1

The wallet service and blockchain node provider service, all bundled into one.

What is Layer1

Layer1 is a fully self-hosted, self custody, digital asset platform designed to simplify the complexities of handling multiple blockchains and securing your keys and data within your own ecosystem. Developed with years of direct payment platform experience, Layer1 streamlines your integration process and reduces your time to market. With ready-to-use functionality, you can:

  1. Access instant payment solutions 24/7, 365 days a year.
  2. Handle payments in over 10 popular cryptocurrencies.
  3. Build custom digital asset workflows.
  4. Offer flexible asset custody solutions.
  5. Customize your risk appetite.
  6. Utilize an in-house cryptocurrency treasury platform.
  7. Create your own revenue-sharing model.

Layer1 Core Systems

A Layer1 account provides access to the following systems through a simple and unified API:

Layer1 Vault

The heart of digital asset infrastructure, Layer1 Vault is your key management system hosted within your own infrastructure. It employs security best practices to secure your digital assets.

Layer1 Digital Asset Services

The interface to all onchain assets, it provides true abstraction into multiple blockchains and tokens through a simple integration. It handles the consolidation of funds, routing of withdrawals, and optimal fee calculations for you.

Layer1 Trading Service

This service allows you to convert your digital assets and move them between venues through a single integration point. Trade routers automatically calculate the optimal multi-venue execution strategy for all your trades.

Layer1 Transaction Screening

This service offers compliant solutions with no additional development work needed. Simply plug in your compliance provider credentials, and transactions will be automatically screened. A user-friendly interface enables you to process, release, or hold flagged transactions.

Layer1 User Interface

A simple-to-use interface that provides access to all Layer1 systems, which can be white-labeled.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Requires little to no blockchain knowledge.
  • Automatically routes withdrawals without needing to specify source addresses.
  • Consolidates funds automatically.
  • Requires minimal to no integrations, depending on your needs.
  • Includes built-in transaction screening; simply supply your provider settings.
  • Eliminates the need for developers or engineers to maintain the system; all is handled by us.
  • No need for knowledge of trading, order books, or trading strategies.
  • Supports multiple venues and treasury management for fund movements.
  • Offers synthetic trading pairs for simple multi-step trading.
  • Provides a simple conversion API for converting to and from available assets.