Error Guide for Layer1 API

Error Format

The following is a list of error codes, their messages, and descriptions for errors that may be encountered when using the Layer1 API. These errors are returned in the following format:

    "code": "LAYER1-XXXX",
    "status": "<the status of the request>",
    "message": "<error message>"

Error Codes

Validation or Unknown Exception

LAYER1-1000BAD_REQUESTError given for validation or unknown exceptions.

Internal Service Errors

LAYER1-5000SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEError given when a provider is disabled.
LAYER1-5001INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORError given when a workflow fails.
LAYER1-5002SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEError given when the internal service is unavailable.

Validation Errors

LAYER1-4000BAD_REQUESTError given for invalid inputs.
LAYER1-4001CONFLICTError given when a transfer request exists with different data.
LAYER1-4002BAD_REQUESTError given for invalid outputs.
LAYER1-4003BAD_REQUESTError given for an invalid request.
LAYER1-4004CONFLICTError given when a master key already exists.
LAYER1-4005CONFLICTError given when there is data inconsistency.
LAYER1-4006PRECONDITION_FAILEDError given when an asset pool is not empty.

Export Job Errors

LAYER1-4100CONFLICTError given when an export job execution is already running.
LAYER1-4101CONFLICTError given when an export job restart fails.
LAYER1-4102BAD_REQUESTError given when an export job instance is already complete.